Solar Division


Solar accessories are components that are added together in order to make any solar system be useful and effective. Accessories vary in the type of system and size. List of our assorted accessories;

Surge protective devices DC/AC

Surge protective devices { SPD'S } provide protection against electrical surges and spikes, including those caused directly and indirectly by lightning.
SPD'S are classified in to 3 types
  1. High voltage.
  2. Medium voltage.
  3. Low voltage.

AC/DC combiner boxes

  1. DC mcb’s.
  2. DC fuses and fuse links.
  3. DC moulded case circuit brakers.
  4. MC4 connectors.
  5. Y- 2/3 branch MC4 connector.
  6. Solar pv cables.
  7. NH1 DC battery fuses with holders.
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