Electrical Division

Larso Power Is a Leading Company In Sales And Services Of Electrical Products and Electronics. Our Products Range From Industrial To Domestic Institutions. We Adhere to Electrical Code Of Conduct To Offer Affordable and Standardized Products across all Sectors. 

Electrical Products We deal With Are:


Roof mount racking.

The solar array of a pv system can be mounted on rooftops, generally with a few inches gap and parallel to the surface of the roof. If the rooftop is horizontal, the array is mounted with each panel aligned at an angle. Structure components consists of;

  1. Solar mounting rails
  2. Solar mid clamps.
  3. Solar end clamps.
  4. Solar splicing kits.
  5. Solar L feet stands.

Carport mounting rackings

A solar carport is also known as a Solar conopy. It is a structure that not only provides shade to your vehicles but it also generates electricity. Sometimes these carports are designed for a single parking spot for individuals or might be strung together in a series to cover entire commercial parking lot. Structure components consists of;

  1. Carport frames.
  2. Mounting hardware.
  3. Panel cable clips.
  4. Panel ground lugs.
  5. Panel roof mount.
  6. Roof clamps.
  7. Roof mount brackets.
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